Theodore Trezevant Sr. (1688-1732)
Martha Bremar Screven (1700-1732)

1688 Theodore Trezevant Sr. was the third child born to Daniel and Susanne Trezevant at Orange Quarter, St. Thomas and St. Denis Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina.

1720/1 February 24. At age thirty-two he married Mrs. Martha Bremar Screven (1700-1732) of St. Thomas and and St. Denis Parish, age twenty, widow of Savill Screven.

1722 April 20. The couple’s first child Theodore Trezevant Jr. (1722-1808) was born.

1724 August 25. The second child Martha Trezevant (1724- ) was born.

1726 When Theodore Trezevant Sr. was twenty-six years old, his father Daniel Trezevant died, leaving his entire estate to his eldest son Isaac. Theodore Trezevant Sr. was thus forced to establish his own estate at Orange Quarter.

1726 The third child Daniel Trezevant (1726-1768) was born. For much of the colonial period Huguenots also dominated the Charleston silversmith trade. . . . Between 1710 and 1770 at least thirteen Huguenots plied their silversmith trade in the colony. . . . But others, like Andrew Dupuy, Benjamin Motteux, Isaac Peroneau, and Daniel Trezevant, were trained in Charleston by local masters like de Longemare and Samuel Prioleu. However, other than small spoons, virtually none of their work has survived. [Butler, pp. 132-133]

1727 The fourth child Susannah Trezevant (1727-1790) was born.

172? The fifth child Elizabeth Trezevant (172?- ) was born.

1732 January 23. Theodore Trezevant Sr. died at age 42. Martha Bremar Trezevant died 3 May 1732 at age 32, both in St. Thomas and St. Denis Parish.

1739 4 January. Notice was posted for the sale of the Theodore Trezevant Sr.’s plantation and slaves, for the benefit of the children. The sale took place on February 21. The family tradition is, that the administrator mismanaged the estate and when the plantation was sold in 1739, the children were left penniless. His son Theodore Trezevant Jr. was seventeen years old and was apprenticed to a tailor. [Harris, p. 238]


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