John Gignilliat (1700-1750)
Mary Magdelen duPre (1711-1756)

1700 John Gignilliat was born in South Carolina after his father’s death.

1727 He married Mary Magdalen duPre (1711-1776), daughter of Cornelius duPre and Jean Brabant.

1730-1746 The couple had six children: Mary (1730-1756), Susanna (1733- ), Martha (1735-1753), Catherine (1738-1757), and James (1746-1794).

1749 March 7. Gignilliat’s will was made and proved after his death on 18 May 1750. His wife was to have the choice between the plantation of Biggin Swamp called Whaplaw (534 acres) or the plantation of Walraosau Swamp (500 acres).

1750 March 25. John Gignilliat died at age 50.


John Gignilliat was not named in the 1699 will of Jean Francois Gignilliat and it is believed that he and his twin brother James were born c. 1700, after their father’s death. They were both named in the 1708 Pele annuity as Gignilliat’s children. About 1727 John Gignilliat married Mary Magdalen DuPre (born 15 November 1711), daughter of Cornelius DuPre and Jeanne Brabant. He witnessed a deed of his brother Henry Gignilliat in 1720 and received a plat of land in Berkeley County in 1736. John Gignilliat, gentleman of Berkeley County, wrote his will 7 March 1749 and died a year later on 25 March 1750. It stated that all his children were under 21 years of age and named them as follows: Mary, Susanna, Martha (later married Samuel Porcher), Catherine, Jane Elizabeth (later married Daniel Heyward), James (later married Charlotte Pepper), and Anne (later married Thomas Heyward). His will was proved 18 May 1750 and his inventory was filed in July. Mary Magdalen Gignilliat, “planter and widow,” purchased four slaves in 1753. [Bates, pp. 151-152]


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